The only one who can tell "You that you can't win" is you and you don't have to listen.

Powerful Voice

When the whole world is silent even one voice becomes powerful


Courage is not having the energy to go on, it's going on when you don't have the energy

inspiring women inspiring other women

We're a volunteer led, female focused charity set up to support you, a woman at work. Grant funded we provide free or low cost advice, support and training whatever your age, background or employment status. We'll help you overcome the barriers that are preventing you becoming who you want to be and if you’re an employer, we’re here to help you be the best you can be in supporting and encouraging women to bring their best to the world of work.

Did you see us on the BBC news? Come along to our Hidden History exhibition at DC1, Seaside Road, Eastbourne or go to our events page for more information