Control. Alt. Delete.

keyboard deleteAt this time of year you’re probably thinking about the stress of Christmas; how you’re going to get your work done when you’ve got Xmas shopping to do, hoping the trains won’t be disrupted – again! fretting about relatives who may or may not be arriving at some point during the festive season.

Then there’s the New Year and where on earth are we going to go, or can we get anyone to look after the children and how much more expensive that makes a night out.  To top all of that off, there’s work, work and more work.

You’ll be getting lots of advice I’m sure, and at the risk of being yet another piece of advice that gets read and then discarded, here’s some more.


When you’re stuck at that keyboard, whether it’s on a desktop, laptop or ipad, look at a set of keys that say it all.   Delete.  End.  Insert.  Home.


There’ll be lots of things this past year that you’d wished you hadn’t done.  Casual conversations that went awry, comments taken as insults that weren’t mean to be, slights when non were intended, disastrous presentations, even possibly interviews that didn’t result in a job, or promotion, or winning a bid.  We can agonise over the things that went wrong so my first tip is to Delete.  Delete the bad stuff.  Take the positive learnings from disasters such as, “I’ve learnt to think before I speak because that way I can get a better result” and delete everything else.


End your rumination over the disasters.  End your procrastination that’s wasted, how many hours of your time?  End the feuds or even just the little, internal language that belittles or demeans your colleagues, friends or family.  That’s negative energy reinforcing negative behaviour.  End it now.


Insert generosity and a belief that things are better, that you are better, that you are succeeding.  Insert time to look after you.  Insert dreams and joy.  Insert confidence and achievement.  Insert that 2016 is going to be the best year yet.


Take yourself home.  That might be your internal home, the true knowledge of how good you are, how good you can be with the right attitude.  It could also be your actual, physical home.  Take yourself home during the festive season and relax.  You’ll come back refreshed and ready to leap into 2016!


Leap year 2016 is the year of the woman!  What are you going to achieve?  Tell us and join the conversation

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