“She grabbed life and shook it up”

Jo Cox MPToday is a day where we pay our own tribute to Jo Cox, MP who was sadly murdered as she went about her work as an MP.  We didn’t know her and were the poorer for it.

Reading through the many tributes to her which cross the political divide, and that’s a tribute in itself, it is clear that she was a dynamic woman, committed to her belief that the world could be a better place if we put our energies to it.

She was obviously driven with a clear vision of what she wanted to do, how to go about it and the partnerships that needed to be forged to achieve it.   She wasn’t afraid to challenge, to stand up and be counted.  She believed that she could be a good campaigner, a good MP and a good mother.  It seems she was right.

She was truly a role model for women in this country and around the world.  We may not be in a position either practically or emotionally to be able to stand up as Jo Cox did, but if we make life better for just one person today, we will have shown our respect for her.

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