We had such fun listening to this inspiring lady; what she said came from the heart and it was a feel good tale. It took one through fear and horror to freedom and joy and showed the bravery and fortitude of this amazing human being.

Dorit has had such an amazing and remarkable life from the survivor of holocaust, to a dancer, singer and nowadays she is an author and public speaker who is widely invited to speak about her life story.  What she has done is turn around all those unpleasant and negative experiences into something positive and have no anger and hate against people who had done her wrong instead being positive and focus to make a better life for herself.  Her inner strength is contagious and makes you think to take action and not wait for things to be dropped in your lap. Life is for living and moving forward, no point in looking back instead grab it with two hands and enjoy it and make the most of it; she is radiant with pride as she has come out all those experiences heads up.

There are a lot of inspiring women out there who are not famous or in the public eye, like an ordinary housewife, a single mother, an office clerk, the list is long but they have achieved so much in their lives and they do not even know it themselves or they are so humble they do not see their achievements but they most definitely deserve a thumbs up and a pat on the back.  We as women tend to sell ourselves short quite often and not have the confidence to talk about our successes, our braveries and the sacrifices we make. It would be nice if we can all take a leaf from Dorit’s book and be proud of our achievements and give ourselves credit for it.

Let’s make a pledge that we will all take up this attitude and be proud women that we should and deserve to be.