Be your own motivator

BucksoBuckso came late to her profession as an actress, singer and entrepreneur.  A mother of two lively teenagers she’s got her fingers in a number of pies.  Her energy shines through in this unabridged addition to our blogging community.

I have a little pack of “angel” cards which I pull out now and again randomly and read its message for the day, today it read:

“Be ever conscious of each new day”

Now initially im always very quizzical to its meaning and today is no different, so ill keep on reading until im able to align it with my life and its current state, dependant on my mood and general sense of well being. You see for a long time, as long as i can remember, ive never been able to just BE. Due to the nature of my erratic thought jumping mind, im unable to just “live” in any given moment. As an Actor I suppose im predestined to be that nervous, “when’s the next job” type of person, constantly living in the future.

For the last 8 yrs this has been the case and I now know, it was due to the fact I had to be my OWN motivator. Who else is going to scour for jobs to do in between the phone calls from my agent? Who else is going to keep me fit if I don’t get up every morning and get to the gym (not daily obvs!). Who else is going to regulate my 14yr old twins and argue the toss with them, as to why they can’t stay out later than 9pm on a school night? So for me to just BE wasn’t going to be easy, because WE always have to motivate US.

Two months ago I finished a very successful years contract on the Westend in the 5* reviewed Bend it like Beckham musical. That was the hardest year of my life to date. Why!? You ask. Because, I had to motivate myself on a DAILY basis to get up, go in to rehearsals, go and do the 8 shows a week I was contracted for, whilst at the same time battling with the inner voice reminding me I was “away from the husband and kids”,  “living all alone in London”, “ONLY seeing the family once every Sunday” and then to cap it all off, 3 mths in getting mugged at gunpoint!

Many a person ive spoke to about my time in London has always come back with “Id have left” or “I couldn’t do that”. So WHY and HOW did I manage to keep going, motivating ME? All I can say I have done, as someone who’s got NO qualifications to speak of (as you can tell by how this piece is written!) yet has BAGS of life experience, is never rely on others to be youre daily motivator. As long as youre doing ALL you can to keep your mind pure and clear of any negativity, you WILL succeed.

Every night as I go to bed, ill pop on my earphones and go to sleep listening to subliminal recordings. Some are using binaural beats (Google it!) which work with the brain waves, and some are just soothing plinky plonky (unofficial terminology!) meditative sorts, which encourage the “law of attraction” into one’s life!

In other words we have to do, read and see things which keep us going forward. Once you’re mind is operating in a place of continual positivity it becomes easier, and motivating yourself.. Second nature.

How do you motivate yourself?  Tell us your story and join the conversation.

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