#Women’s March

I came to drink teaWe wanted to take the words of someone else to explain why the Women’s March was more than just protesting about one particular person.  Here’s what Alex Whiteman said:

“Today, I’m marching for Jo Cox. I’m marching for little girls and boys to have the freedom to express their true selves. I’m marching for my ancestors who fought and struggled to give me the right to vote. I’m marching for all the forgotten women in history who raised their families in poverty. I’m marching for all the phenomenal, inspirational women around the world that can’t be here today, but are instead here in spirit.”

This was a global movement in reaction to a singular event in the US.  It’s re-kindled a movement that hasn’t seen such energy since the days of the Suffragettes nearly 100 years ago.  The issues that were around then are just as alive today.  A generation, perhaps two generations of women have believed that things had changed.  Now they know that deep rooted social conditioning takes more than one or two generations to change.  Now let’s not only talk, and march and get angry on social media, let’s also take action.

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