You may be conflicted and don’t know where to start in building your confidence or deciding where to take your career.  Use our Worklife Wheel to help you analyse where you are and where you want to be.  Start by printing off the pdf.

You’ll see that there’s segments each with a heading and a score along each axis of 0 to 10.  Starting at the top with “My Friends” think about how satisfied you are with the “Friends” situation.  You might have lots of friends but don’t see them often enough, or you have a few friends, which you’re OK with and you see them as frequently as you wish.

The score of 0 means you’re really dissatisfied, 10 means it couldn’t get any better.  Mark on the axis where your level of satisfaction falls.

Going clockwise repeat that for each segment.  Dependants by the way can be animals – we know of one person who’s passion was their horse and they were more than happy with how things were going with that!

When you’ve finished scoring, join the scores together and take a look at the pattern that’s formed.  If your situation is in balance, then it should form a nice circle. The odds are there’ll be peaks and troughs.

The next step is to decide what you want to protect, and what you can afford to shift to get the wheel into balance.

That’s when you can start thinking about what needs to change for the shift to occur.  That’s when you can access the extra resources we have on-line, or get in touch.